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"Plov-goodness burger" weighing 20 kilograms made in Bishkek

One of Bishkek restaurants hosts a charity event. Asel Akchabaeva, the manager of the restaurant, told 24.kg news agency.

«From today on, 50 soms from every sold «plov — goodness burger» will be transferred to charity. That is, we will send the proceeds to the account of Apake charitable foundation which helps with treatment of children. Part of the funds will be spent on education of children from low-income families," she said.

According to her, «there are many fast food restaurants in Bishkek, which do not differ from each other, they all have the same products. To distinguish and impress people, we invented a Kyrgyz burger made of meat, fresh vegetables and plov. Such a delicacy weighs about 20 kilograms, «Asel Akchabaeva told.