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Wrestler from Kyrgyzstan tells about scandalous battle with his participation

A wrestler from Kyrgyzstan Dastan Sharsheev told in details about a scandalous battle with his participation.

«I participated in the World Cup -Tatneft Cup in Kazan. My opponent was two-time world champion Anton Kalinin. I knocked him down in the third round. And according to the rules of this World Cup, the one who knocks his rival down wins the whole fight. There was the extra-round then — I won it. But, unfortunately, I was not announced a winner," Dastan Sharsheev noted. «Then they called the police. I was interrogated, exerted psychological pressure.»

«This is a world, authoritative tournament, where the best wrestlers compete. I was so ashamed! This is a disgrace to them. But I defended my honor and dignity, did not give up until the end. I had to leave this tournament. We appealed. I do not know if they will consider it," he told 24.kg news agency.

«We have to show that the wrestlers do not just come here to fight, but treat their rival and their audience with respect. This is also very important. Every wrestler must keep his emotions under control. Otherwise, there will be a mess," the main referee of the competition Vasily Aptukaev said in an interview published on YouTube.

Recall, after the battle, disagreeing with the decision of the referees, Dastan Sharsheev refused to leave the ring. Then the referee threatened him with deportation.