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Transport costs for transportation of petroleum products to Kyrgyzstan decreased

Thanks to the application of the unified railway tariff, transport costs for transportation of petroleum products to Kyrgyzstan decreased by five percent. The State Agency of Antimonopoly Regulation reported.

It is noted that the petroleum market in the country is competitive. There are over 20 companies conducting wholesale and retail sales of fuel. Since the beginning of the year, there has been an increase in selling prices at Russian manufacturing plants due to the fact that one of the largest plants, the Moscow Refinery, was closed for repairs from January till April.

At the end of March, compared to January, on the basis of trading on the Russian stock exchange, there is a tendency for 4–8 percent increase in prices. Accordingly, this has influenced prices in Kyrgyzstan.

At the same time, the State Agency of Antimonopoly Regulation believes that there are no signs of collusion in the market of the fuel in the country, as the prices of oil sold by oil traders are different. As of today, the difference in the prices for gasoline at different filling stations of the capital amounts to 1.5 soms. At the same time, fuel grew in price by 0.3 soms for a month.