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1,039 people get mortgage loans in Kyrgyzstan

1,039 Kyrgyz citizens received mortgage loans under Affordable Housing 2015–2020 program for a total of 1,267 billion soms. The head of the State Mortgage Company Baktybek Shamkeev said this at a meeting with journalists in Parliament.

According to him, the funds were provided by the Ministry of Finance in the form of a budget loan of 2.5 billion soms. It was provided to the state-owned company for 10 years at 3 percent per annum.

However, as the head of the company noted, in connection with the fact that the enterprise was new, they came out in 2016 with a loss of 7.7 million soms.

Baktybek Shamkeev told how an approximate calculation of the loan repayment is made.

If you take a loan of 1 million soms, then the monthly payment will be 10,000–11,000 soms. If you take 2 million, then the payment will be 23,000–24,000 per month. If you take 3 million soms, you will have to pay 32,000–33,000 soms monthly.

Baktybek Shamkeev

Baktybek Shamkeev clarified that such payments will be only in Bishkek, the sum is lower in the regions.

«In Talas, the average monthly payment is 8,000 soms, in Naryn — 11,000, in Issyk-Kul region — 9,000 soms," he said.