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Ata Meken compares work of Kyrgyz government with Russia

Ata Meken parliamentary faction compares the work of the Kyrgyz government with Russia. This was announced today at its meeting.

Deputy Kanybek Imanaliev started with how many bills the government has initiated. Vice Prime Minister Oleg Pankratov couldn’t immediately answer this question.

«This is your main job. If you don’t know, then alas. According to the ratings, we have nothing to boast about. We fell 13 positions down on corruption. Corruption is flourishing here. One only plus is inflation. But this is not a merit of the government, but of the National Bank," Kanybek Imanaliev said.

Oleg Pankratov was brought data, and he added that in 2016 the government introduced 138 bills. The parliament considered 92.82 percent of them.

Kanybek Imanaliev had an answer to this. «Dmitry Medvedev (Prime Minister of the Russian Federation — note of 24.kg news agency) introduced more than 300 bills. Therefore, they work better than you do," the deputy said.