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Ethnic Kyrgyz exempted from payment of consular fees

Ethnic Kyrgyz were exempted from payment of consular fees in obtaining Kyrgyz visas. The relevant government decree was adopted on April 18, 2017, the Foreign Affairs Ministry reported.

Ethnic Kyrgyz, who intend to visit Kyrgyzstan, have the right to get Kyrgyz visas at diplomatic missions and consular offices of the republic abroad for free. Ethnic Kyrgyz are also exempted from payment of consular fees when extending the validity of visas during their stay in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

When applying for a visa, they have to submit documents confirming their ethnicity.

In addition, the cost of study visas in their extension for foreign students studying in Kyrgyzstan was reduced.

Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic have also been exempted from paying consular fees when applying for consular registration in diplomatic missions and consular institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic abroad.

This was done to implement the electoral rights of the citizens of the republic, including the election of the president of the Kyrgyz Republic.