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Abror Azimov and Akbarzhon Jalilov recruited not in Kyrgyzstan

Suspects in organizing and committing a terrorist attack in the metro of St. Petersburg Abror Azimov and Akbarzhon Jalilov were recruited not in Kyrgyzstan. TASS reported with reference to sources in law enforcement agencies.

According to it, investigation established that at the time of departure for permanent residence to Russia, Azimov and Jalilov were not «very religious people," they seldom visited the mosque, and during their stay in Kyrgyzstan they had no connections with representatives of radical, extremist or terrorist groupings.

In addition, the alleged organizer and executor of the terrorist act were not registered in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic and were not included in the list of «potentially dangerous supporters of radical views." All contacts of Jalilov and Azimov were carefully checked up both before the citizenship of the Russian Federation was received and during the periodic visits to relatives who lived in Kyrgyzstan, the agency said.

As Russian media previously reported, Abror Azimov’s brother Akram was taken to Moscow for interrogation. According to them, he is suspected of organization of an explosion in the metro of St. Petersburg. The FSB doesn’t comment on this. Note, Abror Azimov partially admitted his guilt.

The explosion in the St. Petersburg metro occurred on April 3. Victims of the terrorist attack were 14 people, more than 50 were injured.