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Number of public transport routes in Bishkek changed due to repair of roads

Mayor’s Office of Bishkek announced changes in a number of trolleybus and minibus routes in connection with the repair of city roads.

Public transport routes on Tynaliev Street- from Akhunbaev Street to Masaliev Street (South road) — will be temporarily changed from April 19.

Trolleybuses No. 5 and 14 will move along Aitmatov Avenue to Public Service Center No. 1 (Ak-Keme hotel).

Routes of minibuses with the numbers 100, 101, 107, 118, 130, 147, 159, 170, 188, 202, 203 and 264 will be also changed.

They will move along Akhunbaev Street — from Tynaliev to Sadyrbaev (former Bach) Streets and further along the approved traffic plans.

Bishkek Mayor’s Office asks to excuse it for inconvenience. After completion of the reconstruction of Tynaliev Street, these routes will be returned to the previous traffic plans.