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Private TV channels not to be deprived of right of campaigning for elections

Today, the CEC of Kyrgyzstan issued an official statement that the information appeared earlier on the intention to ban the holding of pre-election campaigning through private TV companies was unreliable.

The Central Commission for Elections and Referenda of Kyrgyzstan in the preparation and conducting of presidential elections is guided by the constitutional law «On Elections of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic and Deputies of the Parliament.»

The law provides for participation of both state and private television, radio organizations in election campaign in the established order.

«One of the main requirements is the principle of equal treatment of all candidates and political parties. TV and radiocompanies irrespective of the forms of ownership, which provided candidates and political parties with airtime, are obliged to provide airtime to other candidates, political parties on the same terms (same prices, time of broadcasting, time and other conditions)," the CEC said in a statement.

Earlier, member of the commission Gulnara Dzhurabaeva proposed an initiative to deprive private TV from participating in the election campaign.