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Statements of Vladimir Putin at EEU Council in Bishkek

At the enlarged meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about all relevant issues of the work of the EEU and cooperation with colleagues.

Thus, he noted that Russia would cooperate more actively with Kazakhstan in the space industry. This implies the use of Baikonur cosmodrome for a long time, joint launches and the development of rocket and space technology.

«I want to inform Nursultan Abishevich that we decided to continue expanding our cooperation in outer space using Baikonur. All our plans will be adjusted. We are referring to the use of «Vostochnyi» cosmodrome in order to work with you more actively on the projects that we have," the Russian President noted.

As for the EEU, according to the Russian leader, the countries of the union have achieved results in the formation of a common and broad market for economic operators.

«The EEU worked as a certain safety cushion, despite the external conjuncture. We neutralized its impact, national economies have adapted. The structure of export-import operations has significantly grown and improved, the export of raw materials has decreased and the export of machinery and products has increased," Vladimir Putin said.

He stressed that conditions to restore the light and textile industries were created in Kyrgyzstan. At the same time, he highly appreciated the role of the Eurasian Development Bank with a capital of $ 4 billion.

The Bank and the Eurasian Economic Stabilization Fund play a significant role in the implementation of investment initiatives. The last example is the recently signed agreement with Kyrgyzstan for $ 110 million.

Vladimir Putin

As for customs barriers, the Russian President is sure that there is a problem in the difference in the provision of information services, and stressed the need to create an electronic system for tracking the movement of goods.