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Igor Dodon: EEU observer status is good signal

«The granting of observer status in EEU to Moldova is a good signal for the international partners of the union," President of Moldova Igor Dodon said at an enlarged meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council today.

According to him, he understands that EEU does not have experience in granting observer status to another country. «Moldova has become a pioneer in this case. This is a new form of cooperation for both the country and the EEU," the President of Moldova said.

«I want to thank you for having made a principled decision, agreeing to consider and take a decision. This is important for everyone. This is a good signal for international and potential partners. This is an important signal for Moldova, because this is the first step for deeper integration processes. We have serious intentions. My position is this: we will move consistently to achieve the next stage of integration with EEU. We understand that there will be difficulties, it will not be easy," Igor Dodon said.

Recall, the presidents of EEU countries approved the application of Moldova to obtain observer status in the union today.