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Deputies adopt budget of Bishkek for 2017

The deputies of the City Council today at the regular session adopted the budget of Bishkek for 2017 and the forecast for 2018–2019.

The revenues of the local budget are projected in the amount of 8,865,116.1 billion soms.

The first place in the structure of spendings is occupied by spendings on housing and communal services. Almost 3.5 billion soms are allocated for it. The second place in total expenditures takes the education system, which is planned to cost 3, 362.16 billion soms. The cost of social security is 312 million soms.

Allocations for health care are projected in the amount of 273.6 million soms (including bonuses to health workers, the deposit of medical emergency personnel, a young pediatrician, the purchase of medical equipment).

It should be noted that the republican budget was adopted in late December 2016. According to the law, the local budget must be approved after the republican budget within two months. It turns out that the deputies were late with the adoption of the budget of Bishkek.