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Migrant workers from CIS called basis of terrorist groups in Russia

Migrant workers from CIS countries form the basis of terrorist groups in Russia. The head of the National Antiterrorist Committee (NAC) of the Russian Federation Alexander Bortnikov told journalists, Interfax reported.

«The results of the analysis of available information show that the main backbone of terrorist groups is made up of CIS citizens who arrived in Russia in labor migration flows," Alexander Bortnikov said at a meeting of NAC.

«After arriving in Russia, these people are deploying active recruiting activities in the migrant environment, recruiting the perpetrators of terrorist attacks in the Russian Federation," he added. According to him, some of the militants coming to Russia were trained and participated in military operations in Syria and Iraq.

In this regard, the head of NAC suggested introducing additional border regime measures to prevent penetration of militants into Russia.

It is required to provide additional measures of border regime on entry-exit and passenger traffic channels in relation to persons suspected of links with terrorist structures.

Alexander Bortnikov

«At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the cooperation of all subjects in countering terrorism with foreign partners, increase the speed of information exchange, take the necessary measures to detain criminals," Alexander Bortnikov said.

He noted that along with this, it is required to continue work on suppressing the channels of financial and other resource recharge of terrorism, fight with illegal circulation of arms and explosives, paying special attention to countering the ideology of terrorism.

Alexander Bortnikov said that there was evidence of the intention of terrorists, including those connected with «Islamic State," to arrange new terrorist acts in Russia and other regions of the world.

«An example of this are the recent terrorist acts committed in Great Britain, Russia, Sweden and Egypt," Alexander Bortnikov added.