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Health Ministry offers to prohibit clinical trials on children, pregnant women

The draft laws «On medicines» and «Healthcare products» were discussed today at a meeting of the relevant committee of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan.

The first document was worked out to protect the health of the population and provide citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic with quality, effective and safe medicines. Biologically active additives were excluded from the list of medicines.

A number of innovations aimed at protection of the interests of citizens of the country, including a ban on clinical trials on children and pregnant women, have been introduced.

It is also possible now to use experimental drugs in cases where the existing treatment with approved drugs is ineffective, and experimental medicines are the last hope for the patient.

A new article on the rights of citizens suffering from rare diseases is introduced, as well as the rule that only medical workers have the right to write prescriptions for medicines, issue medical certificates and certificates of incapacity for work.

The Code on Administrative Liability is amended to deal with the illegal production, manufacture and sale of drugs, the retail sale of drugs by private persons from trays, cars in unidentified places, advertising of medicines and medical products. In particular, they increase administrative fines against both individuals and legal entities. Healthcare devices and medical equipment are united in a separate law for harmonization with the norms of EEU.