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Bishkek plans to collect less taxes in 2017

In 2017, Bishkek plans to collect 6, 72.8 billion soms in taxes. This is 22 percent less than in 2016. Draft treasury of the capital for 2017–2019 says.

At the same time, non-tax revenues of the capital will increase by 21.3 percent. It is planned to collect 626.6 million soms, which is 109.9 million more than in the past year.

As for the taxes, the biggest increase in revenues is planned from the payment of royalties (by 48.1 percent). And the least of all is expected to collect from the sales tax (by 40.2 percent).

The highest income is expected to come from property rent (60 percent growth) and land (47.6 percent growth).

As a result, the revenues of the budget will amount to 8,865 billion soms. At the same time, the expenditure part of the capital’s treasury remains socially oriented. However, the city will spend less on healthcare than on rest, culture and religion.