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EEU countries find 60 obstacles in domestic market

There are 60 obstacles in the domestic market of the Eurasian Economic Union countries, the Eurasian Economic Commission reported. The data are presented in the so-called «White Book," published on the official website of the EEC.

There are 60 generally registered agreed with all participating countries obstacles existing on the domestic markets of the Union. 17 of them — seizures, 34 — restrictions, and the remaining 9 — barriers.

The document also contains information on methods and mechanisms for eliminating obstacles. The main plans will be «road maps» with fixed deadlines for the elimination of specific exemptions and restrictions by each country of the EEU. The first «road map» is planned to be submitted to the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council this summer.

Among the existing barriers, the document mentions, for example, the absence on the web portal of the state purchases of Armenia of the necessary information on purchases, including in Russian language.

Obstacles in public procurement are also registered in Russia. For example, access of software suppliers from other EEU states is restricted.

The absence of single rules and norms for plant quarantine provision in the EEU is recognized as a limitation, as this leads to difficulties in the trade of vegetables and fruits. It is expected that by July 1, the restriction will be completely eliminated.

Belarus is also working on removing the barrier in the tax sphere — the abolition of the VAT rate of 10 percent for the sale of crop, beekeeping, livestock and fish farming products produced in the republic. Cancellation is provided from July 1.

Since April 19, the restriction caused by the lack of a unified methodology for calculating the permitted level of support measures for agriculture will be lifted. The EEC believes that it has a distorting effect on trade.