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German runner to visit Kyrgyzstan on journey to China

German runner Kai Marcus will visit Kyrgyzstan on his journey to China, begaem.com reported.

According to it, he started out from Hamburg on March 12 and will arrive to Shanghai on November 3 — after 235 days and 14,491 km.

On April 10, he will be in Russia: the first is the city of Novozybkov in Bryansk region. And then — through Bryansk, Orel, Volgograd and Astrakhan — to Kazakhstan. Then the way goes through Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan to China. Part of the route of the German traveler runs along the Great Silk Road.

Kai Marcus was born in Bavaria in 1972. He had been engaged in swimming, skiing, climbing since childhood, trained for the Red Cross rescuer, so he is quite tough. The Runmysilkroad project was made possible thanks to the well-coordinated work of a team of like-minded people, donations and media support. The total cost of the project is at least € 300,000.