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Six human trafficking facts registered in Kyrgyzstan in 2016

Six human trafficking facts were registered last year in Kyrgyzstan. This became known during the meeting of parliament committee, which considers the report of the country’s prosecutor general for 2016.

Based on the results of the investigation, criminal cases were sent to the appropriate courts, 10 people were sentenced to various types of punishment.

At least 149 inspections were conducted in the line of protection of the rights of orphans on which 4 protests were brought, 116 recommendations were passed, 47 prescriptions were drawn up, and 10 warnings were issued. 14 disciplinary proceedings were initiated. 169 persons were brought to administrative and disciplinary responsibility.

Nine lawsuits have been brought to the court to protect the rights of the minors.

329 inspections were carried out on the line of protection of the family, motherhood, paternity and childhood, 30 protests were brought on them, 225 recommendations were passed, 121 prescriptions were drawn up, 51 persons were warned, 15 criminal cases were instituted. 45 lawsuits have been brought to the court in the protection of the rights and interests of minors.

56 inspections were conducted in the supervision of the fight against drug addiction among minors, 38 recommendations were made to eliminate violations of the law, 11 instructions were issued, 5 people were warned, 6 disciplinary proceedings were instituted. 56 persons were brought to disciplinary and administrative responsibility on the acts of the prosecutor’s response.

Despite the decrease in the number of committed crimes, the problem of juvenile delinquency remains urgent.

In 2016, the minors committed 812 crimes, 33 of them are against the individual, 639 — against property.

A total of 3,627 juvenile offenders and 739 dysfunctional families are registered at juvenile affairs inspectorates in Kyrgyzstan.