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MPs suggest responsibility for vaccinations refusal

SDPK MP Alfia Samigullina suggested holding parents responsible for the refusal to vaccinate children.

«Today, it has become fashionable to refuse vaccinations. Parents do not understand that refusing preventing vaccination, they not only jeopardize the life of their child, but this threatens with disease outbreak," said Alfia Samigullina said.

The representative of the Ministry of Health explained that as of today the responsibility of parents for refusing a preventive vaccination is not provided at the legislative level.

«Each parent only writes refusal, and we, the health workers, must provide parents with full information about its consequences. In recent years, refusal statistics has increased. Older parents take the vaccinations with understanding, which can not be said of the parents who take information from the Internet," representative of the Ministry of Health told.

SDPK deputy was supported by colleague Evgeniya Strokova, stating that it is necessary to prescribe the responsibility for refusing the vaccination, as children whose parents abandoned it, being in general educational institutions, pose a threat to other children and an epidemic of the disease may occur.