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Religiosity of Kyrgyz migrants increases after employment in Turkey, UAE

The religiosity of migrants after their return from the UAE and Turkey increases. 89 and 7 percent of the migrants surveyed responded. The results were obtained in the course of the national study «Gender in the Perception of Society.»

According to the respondents, residence in Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as visits to China, do not have an impact on increasing the religiousness of migrants. Only less than two percent of the respondents said that their religiousness had increased after return from these countries.

About one third of respondents are planning to apply to migration services for information on departure, stay and employment in EEU countries.

At the same time, a significant part of the respondents (50 percent of men and 45 percent of women) answered that they would ask their friends and relatives (the community of fellow countrymen), and two out of five respondents would look for information independently through the media (22 percent) or the Internet (20 percent).

A part of the migrants stays and works in the receiving countries with violation of the migration legislation. Therefore, the police, migration services and employers are perceived as a threat to both men and women equally.

Women and men who returned from labor migration face the same problems in most cases. The first is the deterioration of health (28 percent of women and 27 percent of men). The second problem for men is job search (21 percent), and the third is the alienation from children (17 percent).

In contrast, for women returned from migration, the problem of alienation from children is in the second place (20 percent), while difficulties in finding a job (14 percent) are in the third place.