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EU experts come to Kyrgyzstan for second time for consultations on GSP +

Experts of the European Union for the second came to Kyrgyzstan to consult officials and businessmen of the country on work with the system of preferences GSP +, EU office in Kyrgyzstan reported.

It is noted that the advisory mission will be in the republic from March 28 to March 31, 2017. European experts will take part in a seminar with partners from the Ministry of Economy, the State Customs Service, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the State Inspectorate for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Security. They will assess the situation and develop recommendations for meeting GSP+ requirements.

Following the results of the mission, experts will present to the government of Kyrgyzstan a package of recommendations on further implementation of the GSP + requirements. Only by fulfilling them, Kyrgyzstan will be able to count on the delivery of goods to the European market at zero customs duties.

«At the seminar, participants will get acquainted with the import standards of the European Union, detect the existing gaps in Kyrgyzstan and determine the technical aspects of exporting products to the EU. The specialists will familiarize the Kyrgyz colleagues with the EU rules on the origin of products and the experience of the Lithuanian customs in issuing and controlling certificates of origin of goods," the EU mission in Kyrgyzstan noted.

Experts of the European Union are interested in the situation in the field of certification of goods and products.

Experts from the EU first visited Kyrgyzstan in February. Then they studied the state of laboratories in our country. The conclusions were disappointing: officials need to upgrade laboratories, and entrepreneurs — to introduce international quality standards.