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Most often seniors in Kyrgyzstan subjected to emotional violence

Most often, not physical, but economic and emotional violence, as well as violence in the form of neglecting the needs of the elderly occurs in Kyrgyzstan. Report of the National Research on Aging in Kyrgyzstan says.

Residents of Batken and Osh regions are most often subjected to violence (3.9 and 2.9 percent of elderly respondents respectively).

These areas are the only regions in which cases of sexual violence were registered and disregard for human needs is most expressed.

Most often the seniors complain that they are poorly fed, poorly cared, not being bought clothes. At the same time, the majority of respondents (73.9 percent) are subjected to this type of violence by relatives, 26.1 percent - by the state bodies.

Then there are complaints that the elderly are denied medical assistance, one doesn’t buy medicines and doesn’t invite doctors. Part of the elderly noted that they are accused, insulted and humiliated, claiming that they are a burden to the family and are unwanted.

Physical and economic types of violence are much less common. For example, the elderly are being thrown out of the house in 0.1 percent of cases, taken away property - in 0.08 percent, and pensions are taken away — in 0.06 percent of cases.  0.05 percent are subjected to sexual abuse.

Men and women are equally subjected to violence.