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One in three elderly Kyrgyzstani financially helps family members

Every third elderly Kyrgyzstani provides material assistance to members of his family.  This occurs more often in villages, and the amount is twice bigger. Such data are presented in the report of the National Research on Aging in Kyrgyzstan.

Pension is the only source of income for almost every fourth household surveyed (especially in rural areas).

Only 14.2 percent of respondents have savings, which are mostly kept at home.

The survey showed that almost half (41.3 percent) of the elderly work in the republic. Generally 11.7 percent of the elderly receive a minimum pension or social allowance, the size of which is very small.

«The category of never working people includes mostly rural women who didn’t contribute to the Social Fund at all. Therefore, it is necessary to revise the pension policy taking into account the fact that the republic is an agrarian country, there is a shadow economy and there is still a large outflow of the able-bodied population," the authors of the document note.

Older people mainly work in state institutions, perhaps, these are teachers of schools, medical workers.

6.7% of the seniors are disabled. Only about 2 percent of old people are engaged in finding a job or are going to start their own business.