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Tatyana Valovaya: No need to be afraid of China's projects in EEU

«There is no need to be afraid of China’s projects in the EEU, in particular, the Silk Road Economic Belt," Tatyana Valovaya, a member of the board on integration and macroeconomics of the Eurasian Economic Commission, said at an online conference today.

The project «Silk Road Economic Belt» is interesting, as it implies creation of a common economic corridor. It will also pass through Eurasia, the minister said.

«Our task is to make this corridor a platform in order regions of economic prosperity of EEU to emerge around it, to create modern production in our countries. Their products will go to China and Europe. We should not be afraid," Tatyana Valovaya said.

When we think of regional projects, they should be beneficial to everyone. Of course, there are always risks. But there are fewer of them if we hold a dialogue.

Tatyana Valovaya

Regarding the possible expansion of the EEU, Tatyana Valovaya noted that the union doesn’t set the task of forced expansion. The main thing is that it should be beneficial to all states. She noted that when Kyrgyzstan made a decision to enter the union, it was economically calculated by each of the parties. Now Tajikistan is studying the possibilities of interaction with the EEU.