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Kyrgyzstanis in villages live on average 5 years less than in cities

Men and women in villages live on average 5 years less than in urban areas, the report of the National Research on Aging in Kyrgyzstan states.

«This suggests that the life expectancy is strongly influenced by social conditions, which are much heavier in the villages. Considering that about 66 percent of the population lives in villages, it is necessary to pay serious attention to this fact," the authors of the report recommend.

The average life expectancy for women is 74.8 years, for men — 66.7 years.

In villages, only 2.7 percent of the surveyed households live in apartments, in cities — 47.8 percent.

Lonely elderly people, especially in rural areas, are the most vulnerable category of the elderly. In such households, only 5.7 percent citizens have a toilet in the house, the bathroom is found in 17.4 percent of cases, hot water - in 13.8 percent, central heating - in 5.5 percent of cases. In urban areas, the housing arrangement is much better, although it also doesn’t fully cover the needs of the elderly.

It is also noted that the high mortality rate of men aged 60 causes a serious gender imbalance in the elderly population. Perhaps this trend is related to the lifestyle of men, their bad habits and a number of other reasons.