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Deportation of foreigners from KR for violations without court decision offered

It’s proposed to deport foreigners from Kyrgyzstan for administrative offenses. The corresponding draft law was prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It is proposed to amend the Law on Migration. In particular, it is proposed to add in the article 27 one more penalty for violation — order for foreign citizens and stateless persons to leave Kyrgyzstan.

At the moment, they are warned, fined, removed from their positions, and deprived of their licenses.

The law will be supplemented by several articles. Article 29–1 «Order for foreign citizens and stateless persons to leave Kyrgyzstan» states: the order for foreign citizens and stateless persons consists in the official request of the state to leave Kyrgyzstan within the prescribed period.

Forced expulsion of foreign nationals and stateless persons (Article 39–1) from the country is carried out by authorized state bodies without a court decision.

The draft law also specifies violations for which expulsion is provided:

— entrepreneurial activity without documents;

— stay in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic for more than one year without a visa, registration or residence permit;

— refusal to voluntarily leave the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic despite the expiry of the term.

The cancellation or reduction of the validity of a visa or residence permit entails forcible expulsion from the territory of Kyrgyzstan.

The decree on administrative expulsion is executed by the bodies of the border service, internal affairs and the national security.