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Every second female Kyrgyzstani at age of 60 is widow

Every second female Kyrgyzstani at the age of 60 is a widow, and they have an extremely low chance, unlike men, to remarry. This is stated in the report of the National Research on Aging in Kyrgyzstan.

Lonely elderly people account for 10 percent of the total number of elderly in the country.

In the surveyed households, 92.1 percent of men aged 50–54 are married, while the percentage of married women in the same group is only 60.3. In this age group, the percentage of divorced men is only 3.6 percent, while women are divorced in 17.6 percent of cases.

Also the percentage of widows is significantly higher: 19.8 percent compared to widowers (2.6 percent).

The residence of women with close relatives in the homes for the elderly indicates a violation of traditional family values, the authors of the document noted.

The report was presented today by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.