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Russian citizen gets 126,900 rubles for child of Kyrgyzstani

A woman received 126,900 rubles for a child of a Kyrgyzstani in Ulan-Ude (Russia). Russian media reported.

According to investigators, on January 13, 2008, a Kyrgyz citizen gave birth to a child in the city maternity hospital No. 2. At the same time, she presented to the staff of the medical institution an insurance policy issued in the name of a relative, who was born in the Kirghiz SSR, but is a citizen of the Russian Federation.

The Russian woman presented a certificate from the maternity hospital in the registry office, where she received a birth certificate, in which she was indicated as a mother.

Not being engaged in the upbringing and maintenance of the child, she received one-time allowance, a monthly allowance for care, a cash payment for children from a large family, and a lone mother’s allowance.

From the moment of birth, the child was brought up by the biological mother.

The criminal case against the woman was sent to court.