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Kyrgyzstan intends to regulate activity of Red Crescent

The bill «On National Red Crescent Society of Kyrgyzstan» (NRCS) was submitted for public discussion. It was initiated by a number of deputies.

It is noted that the mission of Red Crescent is to improve and facilitate the lives of the most vulnerable segments of the population through the implementation of social programs.

In the current regulatory legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic there are certain legal bases for the organization and activities of the NRCS KR, but the specific legal status of the society hasn’t yet been determined at the national level.

The absence of separate legislation creates certain difficulties for the activities of the NRCS KR, the deputies noted.

The draft law defines specific organizational and legal bases for the activities of the society, regulates the forms of its relationship with state bodies.

The Red Crescent actively cooperates with the state bodies of the republic (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Emergency, Ministry of Labor, State Service of Migration). Since 1992, after various natural disasters, NRCS provides food, basic necessities, tents, bedding, medicines and other supplies to the affected population.

In addition, the Red Crescent provides services to restore family ties.

Over the years, the search service has taken more than 5,000 applications from the population. More than 2,000 applicants received positive responses on the fact of searching for documents on evacuation, deportation, captivity, concentration camps, forced labor, search for graves, family members separated during the war and emergencies, some families were reunited.

More than 2,000 permanent volunteers of the Red Crescent carry out humanitarian activities in all areas of Kyrgyzstan. Thanks to their activity, more than 100 events are held annually at the regional and city levels.