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Boeing-747 crash. Preliminary report of IAC ready

The website of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) published a preliminary report on the investigation of the causes of Boeing-747 crash near the international airport Manas on January 16, 2017.

The report contains the actual information received at the moment, the results of the completed studies, as well as operational recommendations for improving safety. When additional information is received, the report can be refined and supplemented.

«The flying around of laboratory of the radio technical approach system (ILS) of Manas airfield was flown by a specially developed program coordinated with all the states participating in the investigation. Flight results are analyzed together with data of objective control of the operation of ILS units on the day of the accident," the report said.

The Commission for the investigation of the crash continues its work. The analysis of flight and technical documentation related to the accident is being held, as well as records of airborne and ground-based means of objective control.

For special studies, a block of flight control computer, located at the scene of the accident, was sent to the National Committee for Safety in Transportation.

Upon completion of the work, a final report on the results of the investigation of the accident will be prepared.

As a result of the plane crash, 35 Kyrgyz citizens and 4 crew members died, several dozen buildings destroyed.