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Bishkek not going to turn off heating

In the coming days, central heating in Bishkek won’t be turned off, Bishkekteploset OJSC informed about this 24.kg news agency.

According to its data, the OJSC is waiting for the decision of the Mayor’s Office. «Today is only the first day when the weather turned warm. Rains and a drop in temperature are expected again soon.  We will see the next week," the company said.

Vice Mayor Erkin Isakov, who oversees the housing and communal services, noted that the heating will be turned off when average daily temperature allows. «We are waiting for it to be comfortable for our citizens," he told to 24.kg news agency.

Heating is switched off after the order of the Mayor’s Office at an average daily temperature of above +8 degrees for five consecutive days.

Part of the citizens already complains about heat in the apartments, they have to open the windows.

According to the data of the Kyrgyz Hydromet, today, March 24, the temperature in Bishkek during the day + 16… +18, at night + 2… + 4 degrees, on March 25  + 12… + 14, at night + 3… + 5, on Sunday, March 26, + 12… + 14 degrees, at night + 2… + 4.

The heating was turned on October 14, 2016.