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60 percent of youth in Kyrgyzstan not afraid of violence on Internet

At least 60 percent of young boys and girls surveyed in Kyrgyzstan are confident that they will be able to avoid intimidation and violence on the Internet. The National Institute for Strategic Studies (NISS) reported.

Such results were obtained on the basis of a joint sociological survey by NISS and UNICEF in Kyrgyzstan among the young people. About 462 people all over the country reportedly took part in it.

41 percent of respondents are sure that they will never face intimidation and violence in social networks and on the Internet. 42 percent believe that they put themselves at risk on the World Wide Web, and 32 percent do not agree with this.

It does not matter for 46 percent of young people where to get acquainted: online or in real life. 43 percent of respondents will necessarily share information with their friends.

46 percent of respondents believe they can understand when people on the Internet lie who they really are. Most of the young people (73 percent) know what to do if they are in danger on the Web.

Male respondents are less inclined to trust others on the Web (17 percent) compared with the female (32 percent).

In addition, girls trust the parents more and can tell about their problems on the Internet. Also, the guys are more confident that they can understand when they are deceived. With age, respondents trust their friends more than their parents.

There is a helpline 111 in Kyrgyzstan where children, adolescents and parents can seek psychological help and advice, also concerning safety on the Internet.

UNICEF Chief of Child Protection in Kyrgyzstan Munir Mammadzade