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Amnesty International demands to release peaceful demonstrators in Bishkek

The international human rights organization Amnesty International called on the Kyrgyz authorities to immediately release five people who were detained on March 18 in Bishkek during a march in support of freedom of speech. Its statement says.

Human rights activists note that the court decision on the arrest of the demonstrators does not comply with international norms, because the police did not allow lawyers to defend the interests of the detainees in court. In addition, independent observers were not allowed to attend the hearing.

Detention of the demonstrators, according to human rights activists, was «deliberate». The authorities in such a way tried to prevent peaceful protest and deprive the participants of the march of their right to freedom of speech.

They should be immediately and unconditionally released. Their detention also appears designed to scare others from participating in future protests.

Amnesty International

Human rights activists believe that participants of the march did not violate the law, because they have notified the authorities of the peaceful action beforehand.

On Saturday, March 18, a peaceful march in defense of freedom of speech was held in Bishkek. The demonstrators planned to march to the monument to the fighters of the revolution on Ala-Too Square. The route was coordinated with the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the capital. However, some participants left the sidewalk, violating the conditions of the march. There was a skirmish with the police, and some of the participants were taken to district police department.