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Kyrgyzstan - unhappiest state in CIS

Kyrgyzstan was recognized the unhappiest state in CIS. The Sustainable Development Solutions Network presents such data in the annual report on the level of happiness of countries.

When assessing the level of happiness of the population in 155 countries, such indicators as general well-being of residents, living conditions, employment level of the population, quality of social services, freedom of decision-making, generosity of population and the scale of corruption were taken into account.

In the overall ranking, Kyrgyzstan took the 98th place in terms of happiness among the countries of the world, and the last place — among the countries of Central Asia.

Kyrgyzstan also takes the last place in CIS. Uzbekistan took the 47th place, Russia — 49th, Turkmenistan — 59th, Kazakhstan — 60th, and Tajikistan — 96th place.

Last year, Kyrgyzstan was ranked 85th. Thus, over the year, Kyrgyzstan dropped by 13 positions.

The top three happiest countries include Norway, Denmark and Iceland. Rwanda, Syria, Tanzania, Burundi and the Central African Republic also became the unhappiest countries.