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Bishkek hosts peaceful march in support of freedom of speech

24.kg news agency
Photo 24.kg news agency
Journalists, human rights activists gathered in the Victory Park named after Dair Asanov at the South Gate in Bishkek city to participate in the march for political rights and freedom of speech. The musicians with karnay opened the march.

About 50–60 people gathered in the park, including representatives of the media and law enforcement officials.

Among those present are CEC member Atyr Abrakhmatova, human rights activist Rita Karasartova, Edil Baisalov, Mavlyan Askarbekov, Adil Turdukulov, Dinara Oshurakhunova, Zhanar Akaev, Natalia Nikitenko and Alexander Kim.

Speaking to the participants of the march, Edil Baisalov called everyone to call friends to join them during the march.

Previously, the organizers of the action informed the mayor about the march, coordinated the route with Bishkek police department. It was reported that there will be no slogans.

At the moment, those present chant «Ole-ole