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Kyrgyzstanis win eight medals at World Thai Boxing WMF Championship

Kyrgyzstanis won eight medals at the World Thai Boxing WMF Championship, president of this federation in the Kyrgyz Republic (according to WMF version) Syrgak Aitaliev informed the 24.kg news agency.

According to him, the competitions were held in Bangkok (Thailand). Representatives of 42 countries participated, including eight Kyrgyzstanis. On their account there are two gold, four silver and two bronze medals. Beishebek uulu Zhanybek among the semi-professionals in the weight category up to 65 kg won first place. He was recognized as the best fighter of the tournament. Baiyshbek uulu Islambek in the age group «juniors» in weight up to 67 kg also became the first.

Zhanarbai uulu Ulanbek (60 kg) became the second among semi-professionals and the third among amateurs. Second place also took Daniyar Omurbekov (54 kg, amateurs), Albert Sovetov (up to 45 kg, juniors) and Aibike Isaeva (up to 67 kg). Erlan Musayev (up to 57 kg, juniors) became the third. «Albert Sovetov is 15 years old, Erlan Musaev is 16, Baiyshbek uulu Islambek and Aibike Isayeva are 17,» Syrgak Aitaliev said.