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Academy of Sciences: Civilized hunting not threatens wild animals’ population

«The hunting, placed in the civilized framework of normative legal acts, like ours, is not a threat to the population of any animal," Dmitry Milko, employee of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, stated at a press conference today.

According to him, the issue of introducing a moratorium is an ordinary distraction from the present danger to an insignificant one.

A man with a gun — he, allegedly, does damage, and the fact that they cut down the forest, increased the number of domestic ungulate animals, who eat the same food as the ibex many times? . They ask: where are the ibexes? And where do they come from, if in the spring we are already raising heads and flocks. And where the ibexes have to graze?

Dmitry Milko

Another participant of the conference, Arkady Gladilov, told that foresters and hunters often can only pursue poachers.

«The chairman of Chui-Bishkek Society of Hunters and Fishermen Evgeniy Kotulevsky was shot at, huntsmen and hunters can not do anything but to pursue poachers. Neither to arrest nor to search, only pursue," he said.

Dmitry Milko added: «After a long time of scientific observation of hunting problems we can said the following: there is profit to the state, there is also a profit to nature from hunting, oddly enough." «We need to comply with the laws, and there will be no damage to nature. Here is the advice from science," he summed up.