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Two gold and silver deposits put up for auction in Kyrgyzstan

The State Committee for Industry, Energy and Subsoil Use of Kyrgyzstan announced an auction for alluvial gold and silver deposits.

The license for exploration of alluvial gold deposit Urmaral, located in Bakay-Ata district of Talas region, was estimated at $ 6,250.

The deposit has been studied since 1936. The forecast gold resources are 1, 85.9 tones.

In addition, Kumushtag ore field was also put up for auction. The general prospects of Kumushtag deposit for silver in some parts are confirmed by geological exploration work.

According to estimates, silver reserves amount to 2,568.3 tons.

The license for exploration of the deposit was estimated at $ 15, 320.

The auction will be held on May 4 in the building of Bakay-Ata district administration of Talas region.