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Deputies dissatisfied with work of some media

Deputies of the Parliament are dissatisfied with the work of some mass media, which get a bad press about the President of the country. However, they didn’t name which mass media cause their discontent.

Askarbek Shadiev (Bir Bol) said that there is inaccurate information in the media.

«Everyone writes what he wants. Let them write the truth. What? Do we have nothing good happening? There is a President elected by the people. This man is being truthfully and unjustly blamed. Is it the end of the world? — he was indignant. — Over the past 5–6 years, there have been big changes. One should write everything as it is.»

He was supported by Azamat Arapbaev (SDPK). «Covering with freedom of speech, one writes lies, rumors about the President. They depreciate his authority. Some media outlets threaten the security of the country. There is a law on the immunity of the President. If the media doesn’t comply with it, they need to be called to the order," the deputy said.

Almambet Shykmatatov (Ata Meken) urged his colleagues to justice. «No one sees that the authorities are slandering political opponents. This issue needs to be discussed," he said.