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Boeing 747 crash. Residents of Dacha SU not to be resettled

Allocation of land plots to residents of Dacha SU, where a cargo plane crashed on January 16, is out of question today. The plenipotentiary representative of the government in Chui region Baktybek Kudaibergenov informed 24.kg news agency.

The day before, the local residents gathered at the crash site and demanded from the authorities to decide on the transfer of their village to a safer place.

«Today, there is a question of providing the victims of the crash with housing, those who remained without a roof over their heads," the plenipotentiary representative of the government stressed. «Tens of thousands of people are waiting in line to receive land in Chui region. There is no transformed land even for them.»

Therewith, arable lands are reduced annually. And we need to sow, cultivate agricultural products, and provide food security.

Baktybek Kudaibergenov

«This is the right of citizens — to organize rallies and demand something. I understand them. Even before the crash they turned to different authorities with request on granting village status to their community. But this question is relevant in the whole region. Only Novopavlovskiy rural district alone, which includes Dacha SU, has ten such dachas, and Sokuluk district — 73 dachas," the official added.

«The issue must be solved legally. Everyone knows that we also have seized lands that have not been transformed yet," Baktybek Kudaibergenov said.

The status of the village implies the construction of a medical and obstetric center, a school, kindergarten.

The crash of Turkish cargo plane on January 16 killed 35 Kyrgyz citizens and four crew members. Several dozen houses were destroyed.

Special account of the Ministry of Emergency Situation to help the affected villagers received more than 96.2 million soms. However, officials have not yet begun to provide material assistance.