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Russian Ambassador speaks about reasons for expulsion of journalist Mikhailov

Ambassador of Russia to Kyrgyzstan Andrey Krutko commented the day before to Vesti.kg on expulsion of the Russian journalist Grigory Mikhailov from Kyrgyzstan. The press service of the diplomatic mission declined to comment on this statement.

According to the agency, Andrey Krutko in an interview stated that Grigory Mikhailov violated the provision between Russia and Kyrgyzstan on the mutual stay of its citizens. Moreover, he was not permanently registered with the consular department of the Embassy.

Legally, we were not aware of him. And for all five years that I am in Kyrgyzstan, Grigory Mikhailov has never attended any of our events. It also turned out that he was not accredited either at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic or at the government.

Andrey Krutko

«So, I do not see any politics in this. Tens of thousands of Kyrgyz citizens are deported from Russia for violating the same regulation, so, there is a mirror situation here," the Russian Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan said.

It should be noted that Tatyana Poloskova, editor-in-chief of REGNUM news agency, responded to the ambassador’s words. She believes that in such way Andrey Krutko admitted that the Embassy was not going to defend the rights of the Russian journalist. She noted that the registration with the consular department is voluntary, not mandatory.

There are no restrictions on the registration of a Russian citizen in the law. At the same time, the fact of registration or the lack of it does not cause any legal consequences for a citizen.

The press secretary of the Russian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan Darya Pakhomova told 24.kg news agency that she could not comment on the ambassador’s statements. She said that she could not present new information so far. The Embassy is still waiting for an official response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan.

Recall, the journalist was made to leave the territory of Kyrgyzstan on Friday evening. He was not allowed to reenter the country. He left for Moscow (Russia), because he can not stay an indefinite time in Almaty (Kazakhstan). There he will meet with the management and lawyers of REGNUM agency. They will decide what to do next together.