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Omurbek Tekebayev loses case to mayor of Bishkek Albek Ibraimov

The leader of Ata Meken parliamentary faction Omurbek Tekebayev lost the case to the mayor of the capital Albek Ibraimov. The information was confirmed by lawyers representing the interests of the deputy.

Recall, the court considered the lawsuit of the mayor of Bishkek Albek Ibraimov, who accused Omurbek Tekebayev of slander and demanded to recover from him 1 million soms for infringed honor and dignity.

According to the defense, the day before the judge Aygul Umetova ruled in violation of procedural norms.

«We asked the judge to postpone the trial as Omurbek Tekebayev could not attend the hearing for a good reason. We asked the judge to give our client the opportunity to speak in the debate by himself. But the judge did not agree to postpone the hearing," the lawyers explained.

According to them, then the lawyers asked the judge to instruct the State Committee for National Security to bring their client to trial, but the judge expressed disagreement, saying that «she does not need his participation, and there is no need for his presence.»

There is a notarized statement of Omurbek Tekebayev dated October 21, 2016, which says that the power of attorney for defending the interests issued to Taalaygul Toktakunova and Kanatbek Aziz is acting with the personal participation of Omurbek Tekebayev. That is, lawyers can represent the interests of the parliament deputy only in his presence.

Taalaygul Toktakunova

Taalaygul Toktakunova noted that at the last hearing, when Omurbek Tekebayev was in hospital for health reasons and was unable to participate in the trial, the judge accepted the application and rescheduled the trial.

«Today we reminded the judge that our rights are limited by the statement of Omurbek Chirkeshovich and legally we have no right to participate in the process. However, the judge made a decision — to partially uphold the suit and recover from Omurbek Tekebayev 1 million soms," the defense added.

The lawyers disagree with all the points. «The decision was made in violation of procedural norms. We think it is unreasonable, illegal and intend to appeal to the Bishkek City Court," the lawyers explained.