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Kyrgyzstan explores possibility of building copper plant

Kyrgyzstan is studying a ban on the export of gold concentrate abroad and is considering the possibility of building a copper plant, the State Committee of Industry, Energy and Subsoil Use reported.

It is noted that the Kyrgyz delegation headed by the chairman of the State Committee Duishenbek Zilaliev visited Balkhash copper smelting plant.

The visit was a part of the study of the possibility of building a copper plant in Kyrgyzstan. The country recently raised the issue of a complete ban on the export of gold concentrate abroad.

The plant was established in 1938, and is located on the coast of Balkhash Lake. It produces copper, gold, silver, sulfuric acid. It is part of Kazakhmys Smelting LLP. A number of companies producing gold in Kyrgyzstan are customers of Balkhash copper smelting plant.

At the same time, to process the concentrate, it is necessary to build a copper plant and introduce new technologies that are not yet available in Kyrgyzstan.

As the head of the committee Duishenbek Zilaliyev told 24.kg news agency, in order to make a decision on the construction of the plant, we must weigh the pros and cons, as the ecology is damaged. «During processing, sulfuric acid and gases are released. At current volumes, it is not advisable to build a factory. We intend to consult environmentalists, deputies, the public," he said.