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Kyrgyzstan to extend ban on cutting valuable wood species for other 5 years

The deputies of the Parliament propose to extend the ban on the cutting of valuable wood species for other 5 years. They drafted amendments to the Law «On the Prohibition of Cutting, Transporting, Purchase and Sale, Harvesting and Use, Export and Import of Highly Valuable Woods, adopted in 2007.

In the old version of the law, the ban on the cutting of valuable wood species was introduced for 10 years. If the Parliament supports the new amendments, it will be extended until 2022.

As the initiator of the bill Aitmamat Nazarov told 24.kg news agency, in some cases, the cutting of valuable wood species still has to be solved. «Life doesn’t stand still. In rare cases, the law allows cutting down trees, for example, when building power lines, water pipes, roads. But such cutting should be carried out according to the regulations of the Kyrgyz government," the deputy said.

The law is also proposed to be amended in part of permission to cut valuable wood species in conducting scientific research.