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4,924 Kyrgyzstanis submit applications to perform Hajj in 2017

At least 4,924 Kyrgyzstanis submitted applications to perform Hajj in 2017. The Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Kyrgyzstan reported.

It is noted that the pilgrimage now costs about $ 2,600; about $ 1,500 of the sum will be spent on air travel.

Filing of documents began on February 6 and ended on March 6. «An initial contribution of $400 was made by 4,924 Kyrgyzstanis. They are included in the electronic list. Now the documents of those wishing to perform the Hajj are added, their names are entered into the server," muftiyat explained.

In total, Kyrgyzstan received a quota of 4,585 hajj visas. Those who were not included in the list this year, automatically get into the list of candidates for 2018.

However, journalist Ulugbek Babakulov told 24.kg news agency that SDMK violated the rights of believers, having completed the acceptance of guarantee fees not on March 6, as it was stated, but on March 3. «But the snag is that March 6 was Monday. Accordingly, March 4 and March 5 were the days off, and RSK Bank, responsible for accepting the fees, did not work. Many people waited for the beginning of the working week to make payments. But they were disappointed: the bank’s employees said that the account was closed and potential pilgrims would no longer be able to get the necessary receipt," he said and added that many people were deceived.

SDMK could not explain why they stopped accepting the fees.