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Hunting ban in Kyrgyzstan to increase number of poachers

The ban on hunting in Kyrgyzstan will lead to an increase in the number of poachers, MPs said in Parliament today when discussing amendments to the law.

Initiators, in particular, propose to introduce a ban on hunting until 2030 throughout the country (except for measures to regulate the number of wolves, foxes and jackals).

«We will not solve anything by the moratorium. Restrictions must be approached with great care. It is necessary not to introduce a ban, but to improve control," the deputy Kozhobek Ryspaev said.

His colleague, Elvira Surabaldieva, agreed with him. «The forbidden fruit is sweet. The ban will increase interest in people. We will only increase the number of poachers. We are not ready for a complete ban," she said.

We can get the opposite effect from the moratorium. In addition, we will lose money from foreign hunting.

Isa Omukulov

Representatives of the State Agency for Environmental Protection and Forestry noted that 435 protocols were drawn up in 2016. The amount of fines imposed exceeded 4 million soms.

Currently, 52 businesses are engaged in hunting and hunting activities (including 42 private hunting companies, 9 public and 1 state) in Kyrgyzstan. The total area of ​​hunting lands is 14.4 million hectares.