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Natalya Nikitenko: We will not solve problems through opposition cleanup

«We will not solve the problems through opposition cleanup in Kyrgyzstan," MP Natalya Nikitenko (Ata Meken) said in Parliament today.

According to her, today some people «do not like the smell of truth».

The parliamentary democracy is being struck, and the leader of the opposition faction is being persecuted. But we will not solve the problems through opposition cleanup.

Natalya Nikitenko

«Ordinary people ask why the judicial reform was failed, and the courts are corrupt?» Why Kyrgyzstan was ranked among 50 the poorest countries in the world? Why the media, which should give different points of view and be independent, give only one point of view, and bold media are condemned from high tribunes? There are no answers to these questions today," Natalya Nikitenko said.

She also wondered why MegaCom fell in price by 6.2 billion soms.

According to Natalya Nikitenko, this raises doubts. She asked the representative of the government why the price was lowered.