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Corruption schemes in Kyrgyzstan become increasingly entangled

Despite the measures taken, the level of corruption in the country remains at a high level, and the schemes are becoming more complicated for law enforcement agencies. The Deputy Prosecutor General of the Kyrgyz Republic Lyudmila Usmanova announced today during official launch of the project «Strengthening Measures to Prevent and Counteract Corruption in Kyrgyzstan».

According to her, this harms not only the country’s budget, but also hinders the normal development of many branches of the state.

Lyudmila Usmanova noted that the question of Kyrgyzstan's accession to GRECO is currently under consideration.

The name of this international organization, created by the Council of Europe in 1999, is derived from the English name the Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO). Its main goal is to help the participating countries in the fight against corruption.

GRECO establishes anti-corruption standards (requirements) for the activities of the state and controls compliance of practices with these standards. The organization helps to identify shortcomings in the national anti-corruption policy and offers the necessary legislative, institutional or operational measures. GRECO provides a platform for the exchange of best solutions in the field of detection and prevention of corruption.

«During the last two years, the Prosecutor General’s Office has been actively negotiating with partners from the Council of Europe on the accession of Kyrgyzstan to the organization. The project will significantly strengthen the anti-corruption potential of our country, raise awareness of the anti-corruption standards of the Council of Europe, will provide an opportunity to identify shortcomings in the national anti-corruption policy and stimulate the development of legislative, administrative and executive systems in the area of ​​combating corruption," the Deputy Prosecutor General said.

Lyudmila Usmanova stressed that the successful implementation of the joint project is a reliable guaranty of negotiations with GRECO Secretariat and consideration of the application for accession of Kyrgyzstan to the organization.