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Not all laboratories ready for introduction of EEU technical regulations

Not all laboratories of Kyrgyzstan will be prepared by the end of the transition period and the implementation of technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union, the Minister of Economy Arzybek Kozhoshev said announced today at a press conference.

According to him, today delayed the delivery of 49 percent of the equipment in the second phase of equipment sanitary and quarantine stations. There is a delay in the supply of equipment for road checkpoints “Dostuk,” “Kyzyl-Bel,” “Irkeshtam,” “Torugart” for railway points “Kara-Suu” and airports Manas and Osh.

Today, changes in the agreement with Russia on the provision of technical assistance to accelerate the supply of equipment were made.

There are delays in the delivery of laboratory equipment for the prevention of diseases and the Department of Sanitary Inspection. For the completion of the process needed from three months to two years. This means that Kyrgyzstan has no enough time to prepare the laboratory for the entry into force of the technical regulations of the Customs Union. Already now the lack of funds for the preparation of building test laboratory is evident.

“Inspection systems and equipment for laboratories are supplied on an agreement with Russia on technical assistance of $ 200 million. There were some moments in the Russian legislation, which didn’t allow allocating funds for the third phase of equipping the checkpoints. Now found the mechanism of how this money can be provided. Even taking into account the fact that the money will be transferred in the near future, we may not manage to equip our checkpoints,” the Deputy Minister of Economy Almaz Sazbakov commented.

If we see that time is not enough, then we will consider the question of the extension of the grace period. There is no risk on laboratories because it’s only about their re-equipment.

Almaz Sazbakov

As for the technical regulations, their implementation in Kyrgyzstan won’t be a problem for exporters. Transition periods taken to domestic producers have time to prepare for the new rules of work. The Ministry of Economy says that even the small businesses for the remaining six months will be able to organize the work so that their products meet all the requirements and regulations.