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IMF tells why Kyrgyzstan managed to stay afloat in crisis time

Resident Representative of the International Monetary Fund in Kyrgyzstan Yahia Said told thanks to what Kyrgyzstan has not worsened its indices amid the global crisis.

According to him, many countries have experienced a turning point. «We passed through an interesting stage for 25 years. The economy grew at a good pace, poverty rate decreased. There were good achievements, which were caused by many factors," Yahia Said stressed.

He added that one of the main factors was the openness of the economy. «The economy of the Kyrgyz Republic has suffered least of all because of its openness and flexibility. The population income in neighboring countries plummeted, growth rate decreased. But it was less sharply and painfully in our country. However, there are negative aspects in business development which the republic can not overcome so far. There is a direct link with it. For example, the fact that Russian investments were not received for the construction of hydroelectric power stations," Yahia Said said.